Long Sleeve Dresses for Fall & Winter

I love a good dress. It's one item of clothing to pick out, a few accessories, and shoes and then you're good to go. But something happens when the weather starts to turn brisk, and suddenly it's been six months since I've even thought about putting on anything other then jeans and a sweater. 

Enter, my long sleeve dresses guide. This could probably be tagged more accurately as 'self-help' but we'll call it fashion, cause that just sounds a whole lot better.

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Fall Fashion Favorites

FALL IS HERE!!! Since fall is now officially official, I wanted to do a blog post about fall fashion. So please excuse the interruption in our normally scheduled Friday Favorites programming.

Having grown up in Florida, I didn't really experience fall. Since moving north 10 years ago, I've come to enjoy and adore fall. I think it may very well be my favorite season, or at least tied with summer.  

Here are some favorite clothing and accessories I've found for a fall fashion and wardrobe refresh. I've grouped these by occasion, so a night out vs work-day wear. I have even more items that you can see on my Pinterest boards.

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Friday Favorites: September 15, 2017

It's Friday! And there is so much I'm thankful for thankful for this week. Is it Thanksgiving yet?! This time last weekend, I was quite concerned for the safety of my family living in Florida and the southeast region who were in the path of Hurricane Irma. Now they've all come through the storm unharmed, and I'm super thankful for that. 

We've also had a week of 80+ degree temperatures here in New York, and that is always a joy and a blessing. Here, I want to share with you a few favorites. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. 

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Friday Favorites: September 1, 2017

It's Friday! And it's September too! How did that happen?!? Does it mean that I'm getting old, if time has begun to fly by, without my noticing? I'm pretty sure I heard my grandmother comment about "where does the time go" as I was growing up. 

I have a new batch of Friday Favorites that I'm excited to share with you today. I also want to announce that I'll be changing things up, and my Friday Favorites post will now move to the first and third Fridays of each month, to allow for some other posts during those alternating weeks. Thank you for going on this journey with me, as I learn and develop in my blogging. 

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Friday Favorites: August 25, 2017

I've struggled with what to say for this week's Friday Favorites post. It has been a roller coaster of emotions this week. It started out with a trip to NYNOW, an awesome design event here in the city (read my wrap up here). Then later this week, I learned of the passing of two friends from my childhood church, two great men who died in separate events just 1 day apart from one another. Two great people, husbands, fathers and friends, gone too soon. It makes me want hold on extra tight to the ones I love, and make sure that I tell my husband 100x, how much I adore him. 

Here's to a weekend of rest and enjoying the people who are meaningful in your life...and a few pretty things to look at too.

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Friday Favorites: August 18, 2017

Happy Friday to you! I hope you've had a great week so far with even better things in-store for the weekend. It's been a busy one here in New York. I feel like I've had my nose glued to my desk all summer long, and I've hardly enjoyed those wonderful things that make summer so great. Time to get out there and make the most of these weeks we have left! Here are my Friday Favorites for this week. 

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Friday Favorites - July 28, 2017

Happy Friday to you! Here are this week's Friday Favorites.

1. Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse

I discovered this dry oil when I was living in Paris in 2014 and it's been a go-to for me ever since. I love to take this when I travel as an all-in-one oil that I can use on my body, face, and hair. It's also now available through retailers in the United States. Score!

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