Back In Action

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After many years of hemming and hawing, I've decided to finally start a blog. 'Why' you ask? Quite simply put...I like blogs. There are so many blogs that have been helpful, interesting and inspiring to me and I like the idea of adding my voice to the mix. Blogging isn't altogether unfamiliar territory for me. I began a photoblog in 2010 and maintained it for many years as a way for my family to keep track of me during my solo backpacking excursions.

My hope for this new blog is to act as both a personal journal and memoir, and also as a resource to you. I'll focus on those things which interest and inspire me, most especially things that are creative, beautiful, and delicious. Topics you can expect to read about include: interiors & decor, cooking, baking, travel, painting, city guides, sewing, jewelry-making & diy projects.

Thanks for having a read. I look forward to sharing this inspired life with you!