Friday Favorites: August 25, 2017

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I've struggled with what to say for this week's Friday Favorites post. It has been a roller coaster of emotions this week. It started out with a trip to NYNOW, an awesome design event here in the city (read my wrap up here). Then later this week, I learned of the passing of two friends from my childhood church, two great men who died in separate events just 1 day apart from one another. Two great people, husbands, fathers and friends, gone too soon. It makes me want hold on extra tight to the ones I love, and make sure that I tell my husband 100x, how much I adore him. 

Here's to a weekend of rest and enjoying the people who are meaningful in your life...and a few pretty things to look at too.


[clockwise from top left]

1. Retro Rattan Dining Arm Chair, Dear Keaton

I saw these chairs last week and they caught my eye. Apparently there's a theme going on here, and I'm particularly drawn to rattan chairs right now. I'm imagining these around a more modern dining table. Something like a white lacquer dining table, paired with these more textural and beachy chairs, would be just divine.

2. Stl II Sunglasses, Krewe

I love these sunglasses…like reallllly realllllly love these. These remind me of a Klimt painting (speaking of Klimt…see below) with the black and white and gold mosaic-style detail. But, my $300+ sunglasses fund is fresh out, so for now I'll just admire from a distance.

3. Woman in Gold, Film

It's not often that I come across a film that is both enjoyable and impactful, and this film ticks both of those boxes. The film tells the true story of Maria Altmann, a jewish woman who flees from Nazi-era Vienna, leaving behind family and possessions. The story recounts her journey returning to Vienna to reclaim the past, and also gain ownership of precious artwork belonging to her family that was stolen during Nazi occupation. The film stars Helen Mirren and Ryan Reynolds and is absolutely worth watching. The film is now on Netflix, so you can catch it there.

4. The Quad Clock, Newgate

In my opinion, every home needs a nice big clock (or in my case, at least three). Clocks remind me of Europe, especially London and Paris and the big clock towers overlooking these cities (Big Ben, and the clock at the d'Orsay). The quad clock from Newgate is a stylish piece. I'd place this in a kitchen, or go big and bold and place a large clock over the mantel, or a similarly prominent place in the living room, as a design element.