The 12 Best Bar stools

I've seen so many great bar stools lately, and wanted to share a round-up of the best bar stools available today, along with a couple of pointers on how to choose a bar stool, and the also answer the question of what is the difference between a bar stool and counter stool.

Bar stools are like powder rooms...hear me out on this. With both of these things it helps to add a splash of daring.

1. Bar stool vs Counter Stool: This might seem obvious, but I'm often asked what is the difference between a bar stool and counter stool, so I thought I'd address it straight away. Bar stools are intended for use at a bar, bar table, or a bar-height counter, and are designed at 30"-36" tall. Counter stools on the other hand are designed to work with a standard kitchen counter height, and are generally 25"-29" tall. Most companies make bar stools in a counter stool height as well, so make sure that you're choosing the one that's right for your end-use. 

2. Back vs. Backless: This is the second fundamental choice when selecting a bar stool. The first question I ask my clients when they're choosing a bar stool is "do you have children?'. Backless bar stools are too easy for young children to tumble off of, so in almost all cases I recommend bar stools with a back for families with little ones. Outside of children, consider whether you'd like your bar stools to stand out or to disappear. If you'd like a bar stool that completely tucks under the bar, go with a backless version. 

Without any further ado, here are some favorite barstools I've seen lately, with links to the sources at the bottom of this post. 

 the best bar stools