Friday Favorites: December 14, 2018

I know this is probably a busy time of year for many of us..with travel plans to visit family, and holiday preparations under way, not to mention the final push to finish out work before the new year. I’m popping in today for my very last Friday Favorites blog post of 2018 (can you believe it?).

I hope that this holiday season brings you much joy, a chance to enjoy the company of friends and family, and even a chance to slow down and take it all in.


It is the giving time of year (does it have to be contained to just one time of year?), and I encourage you to take a moment to single out a person or organization who you can bless this year. I’ll share two of my personal favorites. First, I absolutely love the Atlanta based organization Canine Cellmates. Animal welfare is a topic close to my heart, and I love the work that this organization does to bring new life and a second chance to both incarcerated men and shelter dogs. I follow this group on Facebook and am continually amazed by the stories of redemption and lives transformed through their programs.

Secondly, I want to introduce The White Helmets, a volunteer rescue organization based out of Syria and Turkey, who goes unarmed into the most dangerous situations to rescue survivors from government-led attacks on civilians. In an area where public services and emergency care are no longer available, this group is often the very last hope. I encourage you to learn more about The White Helmets (there’s even a Netflix documentary available, The White Helmets), and consider funding their cause.

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Lauren Servati Textiles

Lauren Servati Textiles


On a lighter (and dare I say more frivolous) note, I wanted to share a new favorite tea I discovered. I truly adore Harney & Sons tea, and I made a stop by their Soho location during our trip to New York City last month. I’ve previously gifted Harney & Sons’ Capri tea, and this time I got some for myself. It’s a flavored black tea with whole pieces of fried figs and hints of lemon and vanilla. It’s absolutely delicious, and my favorite nightcap right now.


I found out about the clothing brand Sezane last year, and my affection for this brand continues to grow. Their casually elegant, French-girl aesthetic is 100% my style and I think I could happily take home at least half of the collection. In particular, I’m eying their Lexie dress in blue and white polka dots. It’s equal parts business meeting and date night, and I’m loving the timeless midi-length.


Finally, I recently launched a new textile collection Lauren Servati Textiles, and I’m thrilled to share it with you now. Inspired by two of my very favorite things, nature and my travels in Europe, the collection was developed from original watercolor designs and then transformed into pattern designs and printed to heritage Belgian linen, sourced from the oldest linen weavers in Belgium (in operation since the mid-1800s!). You can check-out my full textile collection online. I hope that you love the fabrics as much as I do.