Favorite Finds at Scott's Antique Fair Atlanta & How to Shop the Market Like a Pro

When my husband and I were planning our move from New York City down to Atlanta, one of the things that we would daydream about was having a car and going to antique fairs to find cool old treasures. I’ve been looking forward to visiting Scott Antique Fair in Atlanta since we moved here, and we finally made it out last month. This market took me right back to my time living in Paris and visiting the Paris Flea Markets (the Marché aux Puces de St-Ouen is the very best). So many treasures to find, for those who are willing to hunt! Let’s start with a few tips for those of you who are planning to visit for the first time, and then I’ll share some favorite finds from my visit, and a few pro tips as well.


Scott Antique Fair Atlanta – The Details

The amazing is that this market happens the second weekend of every single month. If you’ve missed a few markets before, there’s always next time. The market is located in two separate buildings, the North Building located at 3650 Jonesboro Road, and the South Building at 3850 Jonesboro Road. Be sure to stop by both buildings, as they have two distinctly different flavors. In my opinion, the North Building has more high-end/quality pieces (at correspondingly higher price points) while the South has more salvaged items at bargain price points. There are also tents set up outside each building and on the sidewalks with additional items to browse. Make sure that you visit these too. There is a small admission fee so bring cash…more on this later.

scott's antique market blog


My Favorite Finds

Now, a few of my favorite finds…I visited a seller in the North Building who specialized in Asian antiques and two of my favorite pieces were in this booth. I loved these rustic Asian benches and this Antique Chinese rosewood dining chair was beautiful.

scott's antique market blog
scott's antique market blog

Apparently I was in the mood for Asian, because my very favorite item at the market was this mid-century James Mont for Century furniture Ming style horseshoe chair (actually not a Chinese antique, but a good interpretation nonetheless) with original brass accents. Absolutely swoon-worthy! I would use this as a side chair in a living room.

scott's antique market blog

Another favorite was this Swedish Gustavian style clock. I’ll be talking more about Gustavian style furniture in an upcoming blog post so look for that one coming soon. And how cool are these antique doors and windows?

scott's antique market blog
scott's antique market blog

I also loved this round brass mirror with nautical details. It had such a beautiful patina to it. I'd place this over a console table in an entry or hang it over a fireplace mantel in a coastal home. 

scott's antique market blog


Scott Antique Market Tips:

Finally, a few tips that may be helpful if you’re planning to visit for the first time, or even if you’re a seasoned pro.

1. Don't Haggle.

When you’re discussing pricing with a vendor, by all means, don’t haggle. Simply ask “What is your best price”. Ask the vendor for more information about the quality and rarity if an item is priced higher then expected. Keep in mind that you’re shopping for an heirloom and sometimes it’s worth spending a little more for a truly valuable item.

2. Look Beyond.

Look beyond the upholstery and surface scratches to see the shape and value of the piece underneath. It can be difficult to see past the dust and the ugly pink upholstery, but you may have just found a diamond-in-the-rough, and most of those other things (scratches, tears, ugly fabric) can be fixed.

3. Go with a pro.

It can be quite difficult when there are so many cool old things, to determine which items are valuable and stylish and will work well in your home. Take a trusted friend or hire a pro who can help guide you. I happen to know a great interior designer who I can recommend ;)   

4. Pace yourself!

There is a whole lot of ground to cover here, and if you’re like me, you may also experience some visual/sensory overload. Take a break. Have some lunch (there are food vendors on site). You can even leave and come back the next day as your ticket is valid for the whole weekend.

5. Get the coupon.

I mentioned at the beginning that there is a small admission fee ($5 when I visited). If you visit the website for Scott Antique Markets, you can print a coupon to save on the admission.


I hope this was helpful to you. Leave a note in the comments if you end up going, and let me know what you find.