This design package is for you if you feel like you have all the right staple pieces, but your home still feels not quite there. Sometimes a home just needs that final polish before it's ready to show your friends and guests. That's where we come in to help.

This package is all about the finishing touches that make your space feel warm, elegant, and polished, from the art to the accessories to the window treatments and lighting. This package covers up to 2 rooms, and the whole process happens in just one day, so that you come home to the big reveal of your beautiful, finished home. 

What's Included? 

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  • The day starts early, with a 30 minute style consultation in your home. We’ll talk about what’s needed and how we plan to style the space. We’ll also establish a purchasing budget and take photos and measurements for reference while we’re shopping.

  • We head out to shop for your space (approximately 2-4 hours).

  • We return to your home and get down to designing and arranging the space (approximately 2-3 hours).

  • We reveal your beautiful, finished home to you that evening.


  • Custom window treatments

  • Moving or lifting of heavy furniture, mirrors, or artwork. These items should be in place prior to our styling session.

  • We shop for items on the day of the session, so prior approval of accessories is not included.

  • We can work most efficiently when we’re unaccompanied, so the shopping trip is not a client-accompanied trip. We also ask that you leave your space for the day so that we can get in and wholly transform your space. For client-accompanied shopping, check out our Total Room Makeover Service.

  • Because of the quick nature of this service, this package is limited to 2 rooms and only finishing touches.


  • Step 1 // Complete our Design Questionnaire and send us photos of the rooms that we’ll be styling so that we can be prepared and make the most of our time together.

  • Step 2 // We send you a Welcome Email within 2 business days, and coordinate a date for the service. We advise you if there are any large items that should be rearranged prior to our meeting.

  • Step 3 // We arrive at your home around 8:30 am the morning of our styling session. We share our ideas for how we’ll style the space and also establish a budget.

  • Step 4 // We head out to shop for your space. This takes from 2-4 hours, depending on what’s needed.

  • Step 5 // We return and style your space for the big reveal. We invite you to see your warm, elegant, and polished new space!


The Final Polish Package is $899 for up to 2 rooms.