This service is for anyone who is looking for interior design advice for an upcoming kitchen or bathroom renovation project. This package includes a 1.5 hour in-home design consultation where we discuss ideas for how to transform your kitchen or bathroom. We will provide suggestions for how to layout your kitchen or bathroom, and also talk about materials and finishes for your project based on your budget and timeline.

After our consultation you’ll have the information and design direction that you need in order to tackle the project, or you may choose to continue working together by hiring us for your Materials Selection or Layout & Floorplans (see below). 


This service is $295.

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We know how overwhelming it can be to face the many decisions that come with a renovation project. Let us help you take the stress out of your kitchen and bathroom remodeling project. We’ll show you where to go for all of your materials, and then guide you in the design and decision making process as you select the finishes and fixtures that are best for your project. 

This service begins with a 30 minute phone call where we find out about your space and your design aesthetic. We then create an itinerary and set up appointments at local Kitchen and Bath showrooms and guide you through the process of choosing all of your tile, plumbing fixtures, appliances, cabinetry and lighting. This package includes up to 5 hours of design time visiting showrooms, as well as a follow-up email (up to 1 hour) where we send you a detailed shopping list of everything that we chose during our meeting.


What's Included?

  • 30 minute initial phone call to discuss your project

  • Cabinetry selection

  • Flooring selection

  • Countertop selection (including a visit to a slab yard)

  • Lighting fixtures and hardware selection

  • Backsplash selection

  • Appliances Selection

  • Up to 5 hours visiting Kitchen & Bath Showrooms together

  • Follow-up email within 2 business days, with a detailed Shopping List of all of our selections

  • Purchasing and delivery coordination services are also available for some materials. Inquire for addiitonal information and pricing.


This package is $899.

Interior Designer Atlanta, Interior Designers Atlanta, Atlanta interior designers


Perhaps you're looking to refresh a dated bathroom or kitchen, open up your kitchen into a living or dining area, or change the layout of your kitchen or bathroom so that it functions better for your daily life?

Clients who purchase this package receive an onsite design consultation to discuss your kitchen or bathroom renovation project. We'll then measure your space and create floorplans and elevations showing your newly designed space. 


What's Included?

  • 1 hour on-site consultation to talk about your space and establish a design plan

  • Measurements

  • Floorplan of your Kitchen or Bathoom

  • Elevations of each wall in your space

  • Tile backsplash layout


This package is $1999. 


Project management services are also available for those renovation projects where we've created the floor plans and chosen the materials. This service is billed at our hourly rate and blocks of time may be purchased in 5 hour increments. 


What's Included?

  • Site visits to ensure adherence to the design plan

  • Meeting with Contractors

  • Weekly reports to the Homeowner on the progress of the project


This service is billed hourly at the rate of $125/hr.